Increase productivity, not frustration

Harness the

power of Technology

Too many sales professionals spend time in spreadsheets or duplicating efforts across multiple software programs. There is a better way! We can work with you to identify opportunities to create integrations and automation to help your sales team save time.

Examples of integrations & automation we can do:

CRM & MailChimp

Using Zapier and our expert developer, we will integrate your CRM software with MailChimp to automatically add leads, tag them, put them in a nurturing funnel, and more. This integration works both ways too, so new leads through MailChimp will be automatically added to your CRM.

MailChimp & Website Forms

When someone fills out a form on your website, wouldn’t it be great if they were automatically added to your MailChimp, tagged, and put through a nurturing campaign? It’s possible. You deserve marketing that works while you sleep.