Clash Creative is more than a marketing agency.

We are a team of creative and diverse thinkers with experience in various industries. With us, you’ll receive marketing that is loyal to your brand’s story. And, because every business has unique marketing requirements, we offer customized bundles and pricing that suit your distinct needs.

Currently, Clash is a nearly all-female team dedicated to empowering small and minority-run businesses. While we specialize in IT-industry content, we want to expand our reach and gain experience delivering high-quality content to companies across all industries. Get in touch today to inquire!

Meet the Team

Clare Tries

Founder and CEO

Clare Tries is the Founder and CEO of Clash Creative. She started this marketing agency as a copy shop called Clash Copy in 2020 after noticing that authoritative and effective content was hard to find for the IT industry, an industry she has over a decade of experience in. Today, Clare oversees internal operations, maintains client relationships, and focuses on sales outreach.


Sophie Ridge

Graphic Designer

With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and over ten years of experience in the industry, Sophie has explored all design industries, from travel and events to digital marketing. Sophie is from London, England, where she currently resides. In her spare time, she’s busy walking her doggos in the countryside or illustrating something!


Serena White

SEO Ninja

Serena has spent over two decades as a DJ, bringing countless people to their feet with her ability to read and rock a crowd. Now, she rocks clients’ expectations by optimizing their websites and leveling up their businesses. Serena is passionate about working with people, understanding their issues, and bringing their online presence to the next level. When she’s not working with a client, she spends her time furthering her skills to become increasingly outstanding at the web optimization game.

Bev Herscovitch

Bev Herscovitch


Bev is an experienced copywriter with a background in communications, digital marketing, and public relations. Driven by her passion for learning and creating, she loves to shape words into compelling stories. Bev has worked in various industries, including non-profit, education, tech, and more. Outside work, this Ontario-based writer enjoys balcony gardening, tending to her indoor plants, cooking and baking, and spending time with her dog.


Angela Yam

Executive Assistant

As a proactive and flexible individual, Angela is always eager to assist everyone and enjoys the challenge of wearing many hats. She spends her spare time learning new skills to tackle any problem that comes her way.

Clash Creative Team_2024_Noah

Noah Wohlers

Marketing Solutions Strategist

Noah develops client-focused marketing solutions and bridges communication between clients and our team, also playing a key role in attracting new clients. Outside of work, Noah enjoys personal fitness and spends his free time engaging in music and media from various generations, adding depth and diversity to his creative inspiration.

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