Marketing as a Service

Clash Creative is thrilled to offer convenient and
intuitive bundles customized to each client

At Clash Creative, we understand that every business has its unique digital marketing requirements. Sometimes, marketing bundles rope companies into paying for services they don’t want. Also, per-item pricing for every individual task can become cumbersome and inconvenient. 

That’s why Clash Creative offers Marketing as a Service (MaaS). In a nutshell, we create all-inclusive packages that cover your specific concerns. These bundles are based solely on your stated needs. 

To determine your monthly cost, Clash Creative will provide a thorough assessment of your monthly service requirements. We will then establish a monthly fee that is fixed for three months. 

After three months, both sides can reassess. If price or needs adjustments are necessary, then we can start a new contract. If everything is working smoothly, we can continue month to month at the initial price until a re-evaluation is necessary.

Interested in MaaS? Let’s hop on a call and see how
Clash Creative can take care of all of your marketing needs.

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