PPC Solutions (google ads)

Every time you click on an ad, a publisher rejoices 

The term “PPC” stands for pay-per-click. This type of internet marketing, also known as cost-per-click, is used to generate webpage traffic. Every time someone clicks an ad, the advertiser pays a fee. Through the webpages of publishers, these advertisers are essentially buying traffic to their business. 

A common and lucrative form of pay-per-click advertising is through search engines. Advertisers can bid for top-rank on search platforms like Google. Every time their sponsored ad gets clicked, they pay the search engine. 

When performed well, the fees paid by agencies are minuscule compared with the results. Luckily, the advertising team at Clash Creative has created and executed many successful PPC campaigns. The investment from clients in our PPC marketing has always proven to be worth it

Not convinced?

Check out the following case studies and infographics! 

Acquiring Cost-Efficient Conversions and Expanding the Brand of a Legal Client

Generating Cases for the Law Industry

Increasing Transactions for a Taxi Services Business

bankruptcy legal firm – How Highlighting Each Service Can Increase Conversions

Generating Leads for Technology Industry

Increasing Conversion by 841 for the Veterinary Industry

Conquering the
Automotive Industry

Increasing Conversion in the Landscaping Industry

Increasing Conversion by 271 for a Real Estate Business

Infographic B2B Market Trends Google

Infographic Legal Market Trends Google

Infographic Real Estate Market Trends Google

US Tech Google

Making PPC a Winning Case for the Legal Industry

Microsoft Advertising


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