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Marketing automation utilizes various platforms and software to streamline a marketing team’s workload and automate repetitive tasks. This typically includes messaging campaigns across all platforms, from social media to email to text.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. This process allows companies to understand their target audience well and quickly adapt to any behaviour or preference changes. 

We’ve found that many IT services companies lack the proper sales and marketing software. While platforms like ConnectWise have built-in IT-centric processes, they lack established sales and marketing features. 

That’s why Clash Copy has partnered with SharpSpring Solutions to offer assistance in all advertising sectors. SharpSpring Solutions is an all-in revenue growth platform. They offer many quality-tested methods of marketing automation and CRM. 

Luckily, we have development professionals who will integrate SharpSpring with your current platform. In this way, all of your information will remain consistent. Our assistance will alleviate the lack of support that IT services sales teams often feel. 

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