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Meaningful Client Relationships for Remote Agencies

20 June, 2022

Alyssa Zacharias, Lead Editor at Clash Creative

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The recent increase in remote and hybrid work environments has forced many marketing agencies to think on their feet. Suddenly, tried and true tactics for communication, collaboration, and cultivating company culture aren’t as effective under these work models.

One particularly challenging area regards creating meaningful long-term relationships with your clients. Ensuring they feel well-informed and connected with your team can be challenging when everything happens in virtual meeting rooms.

As an entirely remote team ourselves, we’re constantly looking for ways to cultivate these priceless relationships. Here are our top three tips for enjoying meaningful relationships with your clients:

Prioritize integrating into your client’s company

This may seem like a no-brainer, but often, especially as your agency increases in size, it becomes easy to forget that each client craves a one-on-one relationship with their marketing agency.

At Clash, we’ve found that to ensure our clients feel their marketing investment is worthwhile, they must feel like we are an extension of their team. This makes sense because we can only express their brand’s voice, mission, and products/services effectively if we understand their company deeply.

One way to do this is to set up recurring meetings with team leaders – not always having specific meeting points but also just to chat. Also, find ways to integrate into every aspect of their company by asking all team members to send fun photos on the job you can use in marketing materials and posting about any promotions or new hires.

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Host virtual events

One way to make your organization feel like an in-house marketing team is to host regular virtual events between both teams. For example, we hosted a virtual murder mystery party with one of our oldest clients over the holidays, and everyone had a blast! Plus, remote employees who’d never met got the chance to build meaningful relationships over spooky costumes and hilarious dialogue.

Become your client’s biggest fan

Finally, a great way to cultivate meaningful client relationships while running a remote marketing agency involves socials. A great way to show your support and build camaraderie is by commenting on, liking, and sharing your client’s social media content. This includes both the content you’ve helped create and the more personal content the organization and its team members are sharing on their accounts.

While this doesn’t take a lot of your time, it shows that you genuinely believe in what they offer and that you’re an advocate for every member of their team. Simply put – it shows that your interest in their brand is not just superficial; you really care.

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How Clash Can Help

It can be tough running a completely remote organization. For further resources that may prove valuable, don’t hesitate to check out our resource library and blog.

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