Three Reasons Why Great Copy Editing Matters

27 June, 2022

CJ Cowan, Copywriter at Clash Creative

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In the digital age, the written word is more important than ever. We all know that every argument on Reddit or YouTube eventually devolves into correcting each other’s grammar and spelling; every you’re or their is a testament to the digital power of words.

The primary way users get information online and make buying decisions is by reading words on a screen. Unfortunately, many products and companies get lost in all that chatter. Quality copy editing creates and perfects entertaining, informative content that cuts through the noise and boosts lead generation.

What is Copy Editing?

A copy editor aims to improve the readability and quality of a written work so their clients can better connect with their target audience. This could involve editing blog posts, white papers, social media posts, website copy, or any piece of writing intended to generate leads.

Editing copy can mean many things, such as proofreading to correct errors. For example, editing copy means ensuring an FAQ page is up to scratch or that there are no embarrassing typos in email blasts. No one wants to find the phrase “clunk here for more info” on their website.

Copy editing also means rewriting content to better engage with a client’s audience. For example, a blog post could be way too casual for its intended audience, so a copy editor can edit the blog post to improve its tone.

While great content ideas are essential, great editing is even more crucial; here are our top three reasons why:

1. Polished Copy Boosts Authority and Engagement

The first goal of writing is to keep the reader scrolling. Lots of perfectly written content fails to meet this goal, so, inevitably, content filled with errors won’t do. First impressions matter and typos jerk your audience out of your copy and into someone else’s. For example, Website Planet found that landing page typos increased bounce rates by 85% and cut down time on the page by 8%.

If readers think you can’t bother to proofread, why should they even read what you’ve written? Well-written content presents itself authoritatively; readers trust what you’re expressing and remain engaged.

2. Good Sentences Make Good Ideas

Grammar doesn’t exist to cramp your style or limit your creativity. On the contrary, if your content follows grammatical rules and is copy-edited, your message is more straightforward and has more impact on readers.

Sentence structure evolved in every language so the reader could quickly understand the subject and its importance in a familiar, logical order. In this way, the meaning becomes universal, and confusion is eliminated.

Poorly written sentences muddle good ideas, confuse readers, and send potential leads looking for the home button.

For example, if an MSP’s website had a double negative in their slogan like “you can’t do nothing without ExampleCorp,” it would look unprofessional and affect how potential clients perceived this service provider. A professionally designed website can make all the difference for businesses that want to grow at scale, and expert editing is part of what makes that growth possible.

You might think something this small is inconsequential, but the message you deliver to your target audience is central to capturing quality leads – thus, your intended meaning matters. 

3. A Style Guide Keeps You On-Brand

Editors can create style guides for your company that reflect your brand and target audience. For example, if you want to seem casual and down to earth, then a professional can create a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure all your outfacing material is on-brand.

Little things like the use of contractions, personal pronouns, and diction give signals to readers about what your company is about and the customer experience they can expect.

A style guide also helps you stay consistent across marketing channels. You want to ensure you’re developing your brand similarly everywhere you share. Even if you can’t afford an entire marketing team, a copy editor can make sure any content you’re putting out into the world expresses your mission effectively.

How Clash Creative Can Help

The great and ghoulish Stephen King once said, “To write is human. To edit is divine.” We’re inclined to agree! Chat with one of our experts today to discuss our copy editing and content optimization services.

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CJ Cowan is a professional writer working out of Kingston, Ontario who loves turning complex ideas into compelling copy. He is passionate about providing excellent service to clients and ensuring all their business needs are met.

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