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What is ChatGPT, and Is It Worth the Hype?

21 February, 2023

Bev Herscovitch, Copywriter at Clash Creative

There’s a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool on the market, and people are concerned that science fiction movies are coming true — they’re about to lose their jobs to robots. The internet is ablaze with conversations about this viral sensation, from doctors worrying about whether generative AI can produce better medical advice to lawyers being anxious about whether machine learning can provide superior guidance on legal matters.

You’ve heard the buzz, but you’re probably wondering, “What is ChatGPT?”

It was developed by the San Fransico-based artificial intelligence research lab, OpenAI, ChatGPT, or Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. They built and trained this generative AI chatbot by using a method called Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which allows users to ask questions and provide commands to achieve a wide range of results. As a result, this tool is quickly becoming a worthy adversary to popular search engines.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into everything you need to know about ChatGPT and whether it will revolutionize your work life and content creation.

What ChatGPT Can Do for You

In what’s evidently an attempt to take the best features from search engines and digital assistants, users can guide ChatGPT to execute tasks for educational, entertainment, and business purposes.

ChatGPT allows users to translate language, summarize long texts, and write code. You can ask ChatGPT any question that comes to mind, allowing you to simulate something that feels like a real human conversation. Examples could be as basic as “Can you give me a math exercise to learn multiplication?” or more emotionally nuanced like “How should I welcome a new colleague in my office?”

You can use ChatGPT to produce an entire written piece or generate an outline when completing a writing task, whether you need long-form or short-form content, from social media posts and emails to essays and poems. You can ask a question like “Can you write me a LinkedIn post for a dog grooming business?” and ChatGPT will spit out a reasonably decent piece of content.

ChatGPT Features

ChatGPT uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to produce conversational responses to your queries, engaging in dialogue that feels human. This tool can understand the context and engage in deep and continual learning, constantly incorporating user feedback to boost its skills. ChatGPT can also respond in multiple languages, making it appealing to non-English speakers.

Though ChatGPT is free, OpenAI recently launched a paid subscription option, “ChatGPT Plus,” that guarantees users quicker responses, the ability to use the service even at peak times, and access to new features earlier.

The Pros

ChatGPT can make life easier for us in our personal and professional lives. With this AI tool, we can simplify and even automate mundane tasks. ChatGPT can streamline our work so that we can focus our energy on more creative and complex problems. The platform can help gather information and make research more efficient than a search engine because you don’t have to sift through many results to get your desired answer. 

In the future, ChatGPT will likely be a great way to save time and resources on customer service and IT support, giving a cost-effective solution by cutting down on manual labour.

The tool can also help with writer’s block, giving us examples to help illustrate and shape our thoughts to create our own original content. We can even use ChatGPT to help us navigate challenging life experiences, like asking for script suggestions for awkward conversations like asking your boss for a raise

The Cons

While using ChatGPT can enrich our lives if used wisely, this AI platform also has significant downsides. 

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on ChatGPT to provide factually accurate and current information since, according to Open AI, they trained the platform on data from before 2021. Users have already seen that ChatGPT often exhibits low IQ for an artificial intelligence platform, failing to answer questions based on logic and common knowledge.

What’s more, the free version has limitations. When visiting the website, users often find that ChatGPT is at capacity and inoperable, so the platform is unable to process requests due to server overload.

For people who want to use ChatGPT to create marketing content, the platform presents several hurdles to creating compelling and effective copy. When submitting a query, you must phrase your questions correctly to get your desired answer. Otherwise, you might lose the benefit of efficiency, spending more time playing around with the tool than completing your work. ChatGPT-generated content also needs more specificity since the platform doesn’t know your brand and business goals.

Finally, using ChatGPT can lead to serious ethical concerns. Like other AI-generating content platforms, creators criticize the tool for encouraging plagiarism, as it bases its output on being trained on the work of thousands of human writers who previously crafted original work. When people present AI-generated content as their work, this could be misleading in business and educational settings. ChatGPT also suffers from algorithmic bias around race, gender, and other aspects of identity — similar to other algorithm-based tools. 

Should You Use ChatGPT?

Based on the limitations and ethical concerns, we don’t recommend that organizations and marketing firms use ChatGPT to create your written content for your marketing materials entirely. You should also not rely on the tool to answer a complicated problem accurately. Though it has fun and helpful features, your business cannot use this platform to automate tasks completely. 

However, when used judiciously, ChatGPT can be a valuable aid to support you when carrying out a project. You can use ChatGPT’s generated responses as part of your brainstorming process, acting as a source of inspiration rather than an authority on any topic. If you decide to use ChatGPT, it should be your starting point, not your source for creating your final product. 

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