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Copy Editing — Why It’s Vital to Marketing

18 January, 2023

Bev Herscovitch, Copywriter at Clash Creative

A successful marketing strategy needs well-written content. In fact, a campaign’s written copy possesses an undeniable power to make or break a campaign. If you want to influence your consumers to take action, your writing needs to be compelling, and this can be fine-tuned through copy editing. 

Even the best writers make mistakes when crafting their content. Unfortunately, flawed writing can distract from your important message, preventing your readers from truly connecting with the words.

A copy editor can help ensure that the brand publishes high-quality writing that effectively conveys its desired message to its target audience. In this article, we will explore how copy editing can enhance your marketing and why it must be a crucial component of your strategy.

What Exactly is Copy Editing?

After you finish writing, copy editing is the last step to preparing your marketing materials for publication. Copy editors engage in an extensive editing process, examining the copy line by line, to fine-tune the writer’s words and create something polished with a cohesive flow. 

While copy editing, the editor will tweak the writing to ensure it’s clear and persuasive. They may make light, basic edits, but they will also make more heavy edits that involve reorganizing or completely rewriting. The copy editor needs to be detail-oriented, while also skilled at finding the right balance in changing just enough to complete the content without altering the writer’s intended vision. 

How Does Copy Editing Differ From Different Types of Editing?

Often, people confuse copy editing with proofreading or mechanical editing, though they each involve different types of editing that complement each other. 

When proofreading, the focus is primarily on aesthetics and quick fixes, where the editor makes surface-level revisions and fixes formatting. Proofreading can help brands avoid embarrassing mistakes because the proofreader will check the written content to ensure accuracy and double-check that all mistakes have been corrected. They look out for grammar issues, typos, and spelling errors.

Mechanical editing involves applying a particular style and honing the written piece to ensure it meets a certain usage guide. When making mechanical edits, the editor will focus on consistency around capitalization, punctuation, and other rules. 

Proofreading and mechanical editing are part of the copy editing process, but copy editing goes beyond that. A copy editor will do both and focus on the content’s substance, ensuring that 

the individual piece fits within the brand’s larger body of work. At its core, copy editing involves more meaningful and significant edits, focusing on the actual content. 

A copy editor eliminates clunky transitions and double-checks that the content contains well-constructed sentences with a consistent style and tone. Copy editing also involves correcting misused words, idioms, and phrases, while ensuring that the information and data used are factually correct, including historical claims, quotes, and website links.

Why is It Important in Marketing?

If you want to publish powerful content that generates leads, conversions, and sales, your marketing process needs to include copy editing. When you have a good copy editor, your marketing materials will align with your business goals. Your company will produce content that reflects your business’ core values and that strategically works together toward meeting your long-term vision. The copy editor dives deep into the psyche of your company’s target audience, ensuring every single word is infused with your brand’s identity.

Copy Editing Benefits

1. Boosts Brand Integrity and Credibility 

Unprofessional and sloppy content can cause you to miss out on potential clients, since they may see imperfect writing as a sign that your company can’t deliver on your promises.

A professional copy editor will help you create flawless marketing copy, reducing distractions and allowing your desired message to shine. Copy editing can also ensure that your organization complies with laws and regulations around marketing in your industry. 

2. Ensures Brand Voice Consistency 

Copy editing ensures that your brand portrays a cohesive public image and that your marketing materials have a uniform style. That consistent brand voice will help build a loyal audience because when a copy editor eliminates any contradictions in messaging, potential consumers can absorb your message more easily.  

3. Ensures Top-Quality Content

A copy editor will enhance your content’s readability, while also revising it to be appealing, fun, and captivating. That content will increase your website traffic and social media engagement, allowing your marketing strategy to meet its KPIs and generate tangible results.

We Value Copy Editing in Our Content Marketing Services

At our marketing agency, Clash Creative, we provide customized marketing solutions to fit your business’s unique needs. With our Content Marketing Services, we provide high-quality copy editing to ensure compelling, impeccable writing in every piece of content, from your blog articles and social media posts to your client testimonials, white papers, email campaigns, and more. Book a call with us today so we can work together to build your authoritative presence in your industry. 

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