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The Hive App. Is It Worth the Buzz?

26 January, 2023

Angie Sutton, Copywriter at Clash Creative

There has been a lot of buzz about Hive Social recently. The new Hive app surged in popularity at the end of November 2022, signing up over a million users in just a few days. But things have started to slow down for them again. Since the Musk takeover of Twitter, people have been looking for an alternative. The users flocking toward the Hive app suggest that maybe Hive is the newest social media app to pay attention to. But let’s take a deeper look.

What is Hive?

Hive Social was founded in 2019 by a college student named Kassandra Pop. She created it because she was annoyed with the algorithms in current social media apps. And honestly, we get it.

Apps like Twitter and Instagram use algorithms to show you trending content the algorithm thinks you want to see. But Hive social is chronological! And you can post text snippets, images, videos, and polls. It’s like a combination of Twitter and Instagram. 

As of right now, the Hive app has no ads and no algorithms controlling what you see. But it also has no content moderation, relying on users to report inappropriate content. Text posts also have no character limits, allowing what seems like novellas to be posted. 

Unique Features

There are quite a few unique elements this new social media platform offers. It feels like a combination of Twitter and Instagram, but with a bit of Tumblr thrown in. Your user profile is also very customizable. You can add music to your profile page — remember MySpace? And you can choose a colour scheme that makes all the buttons on your page match the theme. You can comment on, like, and “retweet” posts. This is all making the app versatile and unique from the current, popular social media apps. There are also currently no ads, no options to pay to boost posts, and no blue checkmarks to make you more important to the algorithm.

Will It Replace Twitter or Instagram?

At this point, we don’t believe it will replace Instagram. But it has the potential to become more popular than Twitter. Twitter users are not all happy with the changes made. At the end of November, there was a rush of Tweeters signing up for Hive and posting there. But they were all sharing on Twitter what they had done. It looks like, for now, Twitter is still the top text-based social media app. But we are keeping an eye on things.

Should Businesses Incorporate This App Into Their Social Media Strategy?

For now, we think not. The Hive app is still very small and still has a lot of bugs. Being so small makes it difficult to compete with the major multi-billion-dollar social media apps. As far as business social media strategy goes, stick with what you know. If Hive takes off, we will figure out how to use it effectively. We at Clash Creative keep ourselves informed about the best platforms to include in your social media marketing. We can also create and schedule content for you, deciding together what platforms are best to focus on for your business.

Content Marketing and Social Media

More than half the population of the world uses social media platforms, and those people spend a lot of time there, meaning brands can’t ignore those spaces. But there are many different social media platforms, and they should each be approached in different ways.  At Clash Creative, we spend time researching and learning the most effective ways to build social media strategies, so you don’t have to. If you want help creating compelling social media and content marketing strategies, book a call with us today! 

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