How To: Keep Your Employees Post-Pandemic

13 July 2021

Alyssa Zacharias, Lead Editor and Copywriter at Clash Creative

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Perhaps it’s needless to say that a lot has changed. Or perhaps, for many of us, this is a crucial and continually profound reminder. A lot has changed. And as many race towards “normal” with open arms, many more hesitate. Because the pandemic ushered in new voices, priorities, and trends that, to be frank, the world needed.

We don’t want normal. We want to take this opportunity to set clear and manageable boundaries, create more diverse and accessible work environments, and reimagine the office space more audaciously than ever before.

It is because of this growing need for change that many employees are leaving their current jobs. Employers that refuse to embrace new priorities, like flexibility, diversity, and social responsibility, are losing fantastic workers. Moreover, many companies prepared to accept the “new normal” are not using their marketing voice to make this known to their teams.

You can’t build a great company culture with sleep pods anymore. Technology companies must pivot their internal marketing efforts to remain relevant and attract top talent. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to re-adjust your current policies and embrace the post-pandemic world.

Here are seven ways to keep employees post-pandemic:

Fall in love with flexibility

Like your employees, you must also embrace flexibility with open arms. Many remote workers have spent over a year working in comfortable clothing, avoiding a commute, and doing errands in the middle of the day. Remote workers have also been able to take better care of their mental and physical health than workers tied to a 9-5. For these reasons and more, promote your company’s flexibility. This is a guaranteed way to win top talent and keep your best performers.

Great work comes at a
(totally worth it!) price

For many, remote work is sticking around. This means that the job pool has greatly expanded for, well, almost everyone! You best be willing to pay for it if you want quality work, as great talent can now work almost anywhere worldwide.

But this shouldn’t be hard to swallow – proper compensation is a win for everyone. When you advertise fair compensation, you gain great employees. When employees are fairly compensated they stick around, work hard, provide quality work consistently, and recommend other top dogs to join your excellent company! 

Put people first

The pandemic has been tough on all of us, but there are also positives to reflect on. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of work-life balance, with business leaders respecting everyone’s priorities outside the office, like hobbies, family, and personal health.

Now more than ever, your track record for personal relations is at the heart of every career decision. Find ways to truly connect with your teams and audience. Show that you care and can be trusted. Understand what matters to your ideal employee.

Sell social responsibility

Social responsibility is currently the most significant employee incentive, which we’re thrilled about! Health and safety, mental well-being, and social justice and inclusion issues have highlighted the shifting landscape of 2020; they will continue to shape career trends as businesses return to the office.

It’s not enough for companies to merely state what they stand for or who they support – they must take accountability and demonstrate this with real action. Involvement in community initiatives, demonstrations of support for social campaigns, and implementing policies that promote inclusion and diversity will lead to more meaningful engagement with your target audience and, ultimately, build an unbeatable company culture.


Or shall I yell it for those in the back…

The relationship between a company and its employees is precisely that – a relationship. Like any, listening is integral to keeping this bond healthy, with each party feeling fulfilled and rewarded. To strengthen your company culture and attract top talent, promote your listening skills. Here are several ways to do so:

Get uncomfortable

It can be difficult to see the whole painting when your nose is pressed up against the canvas. Likewise, it can be challenging to view one’s privilege accurately. Moreover, addressing your company’s hiring policies and unconscious biases can be uncomfortable! But your newfound accessibility to remote workers offers a fantastic opportunity to get uncomfortable and address any hiring shortfalls you currently have. Your talent pool has just expanded significantly – take advantage of this by diversifying your workforce and embracing fresh perspectives.

Be heard, be seen

While it’s fantastic that you’re diversifying your workforce, prioritizing employees’ voices and needs, and offering flexible work environments, there is one missing ingredient. For your teams to understand your efforts and top talent to consider your company as their “dream employer,” you must use marketing initiatives to your advantage. Whenever your company pivots its policies, practices, or internal affairs, internal and external marketing is necessary to share your new story.

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