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How to Find Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

17 January 2022

Samantha Storms, Copywriter at Clash Creative

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Social media and online marketing have taken the business and tech worlds by storm, and there’s no going back! Every day, companies and their teams are searching for better ways to connect with leads and build meaningful relationships using the resources they have at their digital disposal.

Fortunately for small businesses looking to improve their selling strategy and find the right people to target with their marketing materials, there is a wide range of options on the market – and many are available for free. That’s where resources like the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) come in handy.

If your company has an active presence on social media, you’re already on the right track toward improving your overall marketing plan. Read on to discover precisely what LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is, how it represents your current approaches to digital marketing and selling in online environments, and how you can improve your score quickly.

The Power of LinkedIn and Social Media Marketing

Out of all the major services, LinkedIn is the oldest social media platform still in use today, available in more than 24 languages with more than 720 million active users.

Designed as a professional networking site for individuals across industries, LinkedIn offers an array of powerful solutions for individual users and organizations alike. One such tool is LinkedIn’s SSI, which helps you more accurately measure the effectiveness of your social selling strategy on the platform. As you grow your business online, your SSI on LinkedIn will be an important factor in your ability to reach users in the face of constantly shifting user behaviours.

Before we dive into what your LinkedIn SSI is and what it can do for your small business, let’s begin by defining social selling – the smarter, more seamless way to establish your professional brand in online environments.

What Is Social Selling, and How Is It Different from Social Media Marketing?

When we talk about social selling, we’re talking about a way to connect with potential customers (or key decision-makers for those leads) through social media channels. Now, you may be asking yourself, how is social selling any different from standard social media marketing? Aren’t I already doing that?

 Nope! There’s much more to it. Think of social selling as relationship building – once you’ve made the connection, you’ve created an avenue for a potential sale. Through social selling, you use a strategy that connects your company to other people in your industry while also presenting your products or solutions as an answer to a problem they may have.

Social selling is more than simply liking posts or sending out mass DMs, and it serves as a more direct and targeted form of lead generation compared to other tactics common to traditional social media marketing. When social sellers are successful, they position themselves and the companies they work for as thought leaders within their industry who are more likely to see positive engagements with their online content and other marketing materials.

Now, let’s talk about how a social selling index like LinkedIn’s can be used to improve your social selling strategy and generate valuable leads quickly and more efficiently.

What Is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index, and How Can I Find My Score?

So, you’re ready to begin social selling, but how can you be sure your efforts are making the impact you want for your personal brand?

When they use the platform as a sales navigator, LinkedIn users and content marketers gain access to various tools and insights meant to help them measure the effectiveness of their social selling efforts.

Despite constantly changing user and consumer behaviour in online environments, SSI metrics allow your company to tailor your business strategy to improve your overall approach to social selling and generate leads.

Getting started is easy – to find your LinkedIn SSI, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Navigate to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page
  3. Engage with social selling insights on the dashboard!

To improve your score quickly, there are several easy steps you can take with your own LinkedIn profile, including updating your profile sections and photo, asking colleagues for endorsements and recommendations, and sharing valuable content that is relevant and timely to your industry.

LinkedIn SSI and Your Business

By optimizing your LinkedIn profile and learning the ins and outs of effective social selling, you’ll be able to generate and capture the valuable leads you want for your company.

Ready to start improving your LinkedIn SSI score? Book a call with the Clash team today to chat about the marketing solutions that will propel your business forward.

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