What Google’s Algorithm Update Means for Your Business

Five-minute read.
Google Search is the most widely used search engine globally; more than 90% of the world relies on it to provide the most relevant and reliable information for their search queries. With this traffic, it’s no surprise that Google utilizes automated systems to deliver top-tier results to their users. Google is also constantly looking to improve these systems to display the most valuable results available. Cue Google’s algorithm updates.

How To: Keep Your Employees Post-Pandemic

Four-minute read.
Perhaps it’s needless to say that a lot has changed. Or perhaps, for many of us, this is a crucial and continually profound reminder. A lot has changed. And as many race towards “normal” with open arms, many more hesitate. Because the pandemic ushered in new voices, priorities, and trends that, to be frank, the world needed.

The What, Why, and How of LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

Five-minute read.
With nearly 740 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the premium social networking platform for building your professional brand, making meaningful connections, and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

It’s no surprise then that LinkedIn provides many fantastic tools for optimizing your profile. My personal favourite? LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI).

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